köp billiga  Clarke mig102ng 90amp ingen gas MIG svetsare i hög kvalitet till lågpris på Fyndpris.se

Clarke mig102ng 90amp ingen gas MIG svetsare

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Köp billigt Clarke mig102ng 90amp ingen gas MIG svetsare av hög kvalitet till lågpris.
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Ideal for automotive and general fabrication the Clarke MIG102NG MIG welder does not require a gas cylinder. Using flux cored steel welding wire a type of wire which produces its own gas shroud as it burns this machine can weld steel without gas whilst providing optimum performance and reliability. Producing a maximum power of 90Amps it welds mild steel up to 4mm thick. Complete with a welding torch 2 x 0.9mm torch tips (1 installed in torch) 1 earth clamp 1 two piece welding mask 1 mini spool of Flux cored wire and a wire brush/hammer. 230V - 50Hz - 1 phase. Min/ max amperage: 35/90A. Open circuit voltage: 20-30V. Max input current: 16A. Max welding thickness (mild steel): 4mm. Welding wire diameter up to 0.9mm. Professional type torch with full on/off control (not permanently live). Turbo fan cooling for greater efficiency. Thermal overload protection. Multiple power settings for accurate welding power control. Dimensions (LxWxH): 420 x 192 x 362 mm.
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